A little bit about me

So a little bit about me, born and raised in India (cue the Indian National Anthem), living in the Middle east for around 12 years.




Was drawn here to the glamorous airline world (or what looked glamorous from the outside) at the age of 21. Since I was already here, enjoyed traveling and seeing the world for 7 years; then decided I had enough of taking care of others and needed to take care of myself. 





The Charging Bull at the Financial District at Manhattan, New York

Moving from one job to another was not easy. Apparently 7 years of working in the airline industry doesn’t count for squat in any other customer service industry. After looking all over the place for a job, had to take whatever I got (even though it was a waste of my years of experience and was a downgrade from my previous position and job). That led me to the wonderful world of Banking; where I was hired to look pretty and do nothing. It wasn’t long before I was running around asking for meaningful (read “bank related”) work. I managed to learn a bit of everyone’s work, right from the clerk to the Cashier.

It was a year later that Lady Luck came knocking on my door in the form of a new job. I managed to make a move from the Banking sector to the Healthcare industry. I jumped at the offer of a “better paying, shorter work week” job. It’s been 3 years and I have grown leaps and bounds here. There’s a little part of me though that always wishes I could be part of the social media bandwagon. To fan the spark of photography and irresistible need to shove food down my throat, I started my Instagram page under the name dream_o_grapher. It features pictures from my travels and loads of food.


It may not have as many followers at the moment but it gives me a medium to express my love for photography.
Well that brings me to the end of this very very long introduction. If you’re reading this, thank you for taking time to make it till the end. God bless!!